(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions ... answered!

About Jellystone

Where are Jellystone products made?

Jellystone products are designed in Australia but currently manufactured in China as to date, there are no producers of silicone jewellery based in Australia but that may change in the future.

At present, all products are manufactured in a socially responsible Chinese factory, a team Jellystone have worked with for a number of years.  The factory was carefully selected to meet ethical standards for employment and human rights and is also a member of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) although one day, we do hope to manufacture our products in Australia, or at least the majority of our products. In the meantime, we visit our factory annually to discuss both our range and also new product ideas for the coming season!

Why Jellystone products?

Jellystone’s safe, non-toxic silicone toys and jewellery are the perfect solution for calming teething pains. They are also recommended by Occupational Therapists for older children who use chewing and oral input to calm and self-regulate emotions.  Read more about materials, care and safety both below and on our Care & Composition page here


What materials are used to make Jellystone sensory and teething products?

100% natural food grade silicone which is FDA (USA Federal Drug Administration) approved and free from lead, PVC, Phthalate and BPA – not a nasty in sight! The silicone is both tasteless and odourless but most importantly, will not support the growth of mould or bacteria. It is also very robust, so ideal for chew toys and teething jewellery!

What is BPA free silicone?

When silicone is made without the nasty chemical Bisphenol A (BPA)  it is described as BPA free (that's our silicone) which means it is completely safe for babies to chew and also suitable for food containers and utensils.

You have absolutely no worries with Jellystone as all our products are BPA free and tested to EU safety standards.

Is the BPA free silicone eco-friendly and non-toxic?

Yes! The silicone used in Jellystone products is non-toxic and built to last but - if disposed of at a landfill for incineration, the silicone is converted back into organic, harmless ingredients: amorphous silica, carbon dioxide, and water vapour – no harm caused to our precious environment.


Are your products tested to EU safety standards?

Yes, safety is a priority for us!  The Jellystone range has regular independent toxicity testing as well as testing to ensure products meet the toy safety standards for Europe, America and Australia. Certified to European Standard EN 71 parts 1-3, in addition to the Australian Standard for Toy Safety, AS NZS ISO 8124.1-201, you can rest easy that Jellystone Products are considered safe by all the relevant safety authorities, in addition to our own team.

Other safety considerations and best practice

Always check your Jellystone Product before and after each use as teethers, sensory toys and jewellery are not indestructible and will need to be replaced if damaged. The timeframe in which this occurs will be faster with more aggressive chewers/older children.  It is also worth noting that even though teethers can be used independently for babies of 4+ months, adult supervision is still required and recommended.

Are Jellystone products suitable for a child with special needs?

Although not originally designed for this purpose, the children’s line of products (based on feedback from parents) has provided some relief for children with sensory needs.

Due to the diversity of the spectrum and vast range of needs, Jellystone products may not be suitable for all children with special needs. Please use your own discretion and as always, only use with adult supervision.


How do I wash and care for my Jellystone product?

You can simply hand wash with warm soapy water (recommended before first use) or alternatively, pop in the steriliser or even the top self of the dishwasher! Remove cord, blanket or wooden ring beforehand (where relevant) and always refer to the instructions provided with your specific product.

Please note: Silicone is both tasteless and odourless but most importantly, will not support the growth of mould or bacteria, although it is still advisable to clean regularly to wash away any grime or gummy germs!

Can I sterilise my Jellystone product?

If it's made of silicone, then 'yes' you sure can - further details above.

Using Jellystone Products

How do I adjust the cord for a kids Chew Pendant?

Simply cut to desired length (allowing for 1.5cm extra for knot) then re-thread clasp and tightly knot the cord.

From our own testing, the necklace clasp under tension opens at approximately 4.3LB and the pendant clasp has an approximate opening point at 3.2LB.

For more instructions on our necklace/pendant cords, please click here

What age group are Jellystone products suitable for?

Teethers/Sensory Toys are 4+ months* Junior BFF Bangles 4+ months* Junior Chew Pendants 3+ years*

Adult Necklaces/Pendants are designed for adults to wear and babies to chew on or ‘twiddle’ while feeding or cuddling - they are not recommended for independent play or dress-up

*All Jellystone Products require adult supervision during play/use*

Product Recommendations

Recommended Products: Up to 1 Year

Babies teeth in the first year, and it’s mostly uncomfortable for them, so to help relieve sore gums, we'd recommend any of our Teethers or alternatively, our Sensory Toys - Jellystone Stacker, Colour Wheel/Puzzle or Sensory Balls.

Recommended Products: Up to 2-3 Years

Babies and toddlers are mostly done with teething by the time they reach 2 years but any of the Sensory Toys (Feelings Cube, Sensory and/or Fidget Balls, Puzzles or Stackers) would still be great additions to their toy box.

Recommended Products: 3 Years+

With the Junior chew pendants, BFF bangles and pencil toppers, they will be the coolest kid on the block!

Recommended Products: Adults

The stylish adult range of necklaces/pendants and bangles are great with or without children!  Silicone is waterproof – great for swimming. Cooks, heat resistant and will not support the growth of mould or bacteria. Office workers, soft on wrists and quiet on desks. Childcare workers - soft, safe and child friendly!

We would also recommend our stylish changing mats which are a master of disguise; they look like compact nappy clutches but fold out to reveal a generous changing mat! Co-ordinating Wet Bags are also avaialble.

Other Recommended Uses (ADHD - Sensory – Anxiety)

We’d recommend the Pencil Toppers, Junior Pendants and BFF Bangles - all discrete tools to help comfort your child and keep them calm during stressful situations both at school and during play.

Useful Products

Useful Jellystone Products when Breastfeeding

The Organic Bangle is a great way to remember which side was last or coming up next - baby brain is a thing, we know! Just remember to switch the bangle once you’ve finished feeding.  In addition, babies love to twiddle with the necklace their mummy is wearing, so the Jellystone Necklaces can be a great distraction technique!

Useful Jellystone Products when Teething

Let’s face it, no-one likes to have a grumpy baby - enter the Moon and Cloud Teethers! Beech wood is ideal for teeth breaking through the final layer of gum, whilst silicone provides a softer texture to massage sore gums.

Our sensory toys are teethers in addition to being toys, so it’s a win/win with all of those from the Jellystone Stacker thru to the Sensory Balls, Colour Wheel, Ballon Puzzles and many many more!

Useful Jellystone Products for Hand/Eye Co-ordination

The Stackers and Puzzles are particularly good for hand/eye co-ordination - as they stack or piece together the parts, watch their confidence grow, and they will also love the bright colours and tactile surfaces.

Useful Jellystone Products for Chewers

For older children, we’d recommend the Pencil Toppers, Junior Chew Pendants and BFF Bangles - they will save you a fortune in jumpers and keep those nails from being bitten too!

Useful Jellystone Products for Anxiety

Again, we’d recommend the Pencil Toppers, Junior Chew Pendants and BFF Bangles - all discrete tools to help keep your child calm so they can focus on their school work or maybe a new social situation.

Recommended Gift Products

Any of the Jellystone sensory toys/teethers would make great new baby or 1st birthday gifts.

Our top picks for a new parent or baby shower would be our compact changing mats (what baby doesn’t poop?!) or our best selling Jellystone Stackers - a toy and teether rolled into one neat package ... and an award winner too!!

COMING SOON ... check out our Gift Bundles!!